Democracy vs Malchut

All efforts to reform Israel into a constitutional democracy will fail unless the reform is first directed to establishing the Malchut.


In 1988, when one might have been able to say that Israel still had a few normative democratic values such as yielding to the will of the people who elect their representatives, Rabbi Meir Kahane's KACH! party was soaring in the polls. Labor and Likud (the putative left and right of Israeli politics) were seeing their political futures (and their bank accounts) diminishing day by day.

The Arabs (really, the Muslims) were shaking in their kafias and burqas, fearing that their imaginary "Palestine" was about to be exposed for the fraud that it is. There was about to dawn upon the Jewish people a realization of the hope expressed in the National Anthem Hatikva that Rabbi Kahane sang loudly and with enthusiastic pride at every public event.

But the hope of nearly 2,000 years was to be delayed a bit. Once again, as had happened so many times in our history, the leaders of the Jewish people found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Reacting with uncharacteristic clarity and decisiveness, the political and spiritual enemies in Labor and Likud put aside their very real differences and formed a cynical coalition to deal with the growing threat posed by Rabbi Kahane's KACH! party.

Kahane was officially banned, and Israel officially became just another Middle East dictatorship devoid of all but symbolic references to a Jewish soul and a Jewish sense of purpose. A slow spiral into cultural relativism and outright nihilism grew more and more powerful. Two years later, Kahane was assassinated in New York, and his assassin was acquitted.

Rabbi Meir Kahane's son Binyamin Kahane showed all the promise of becoming a great leader and motivator and because of this was eventually banned by the same klatch of knuckleheads who banned his father. Binyamin was also murdered by an expert sniper while traveling up the ancient road linking Shekem with Jerusaalem and Be'er Sheba. Binyaman died, along with his wife, while returning to his home in Kfar Tapuach.

Any idea of Israel being a free and open democracy perished with the Kahane bans, for in a free and open (democratic) society, the opposition is allowed equal access to the political system. Witness the international community's recent arm twisting wherein Israel was forced to allow Hamas to be elected as the representative of the Arab (mostly Muslim) majority who seek to put an end not only to the Jewish State but to the Jewish people.

In the years since Rabbi Kahane was banned there has been a dramatic increase of morbid licentiousness in Israeli society, from pork-eating to drugs and prostitution. A consequence of this trend towards cultural relativism and nihilism is the seemingly unstoppable plan to remove Jews from key areas of our historical homeland. This plan, called by various names intended to disguise its real objective, is being implemented in slow and careful steps...the Fabian approach. Slowly and deliberately, Jews are disappearing from historically significant parts of Judea and the Shomeron.

As licentiousness and irrationality have increased there has been a corresponding decrease in political freedom. I say without reservation that for most of us who oppose the government's plans to continue moving Jews out of their homes and giving our ancestral lands to the Muslims who want to eliminate us, there is no real political freedom here in Israel, save the "Hobson's choice" variety. We'd better take it and like it when they suggest we move to the Negev.

Since the 1988 ban on Kahane it has become increasingly difficult for Torah observant political movements to operate in any effective fashion. Those political factions who do make it are so thoroughly compromised that they function merely as distributors of governmental bribes and as information gatherers for that part of the internal security services who carry on the British Mandate era operations against Jewish Nationalists.

Right now I'd say it's impossible for an uncompromising organization to operate effectively. The proof of this is the Aza pullout, the destruction of Jewish towns and homes in Amona, and the pending Judenrein operations against so-called illegal settlements whose existence threatens the oligarchy's demonic bargain with the international coalition bent on pleasing the Saudi Arabians (Arabian/American oil coalition).

Before you ridicule my reference to the Saudis, recall that the entire Road Map fiasco is the brainchild of the Saudis, only very slightly re-worded and thuggishly enforced by their U.S. oil partners through the aegis of the United Nations and its several anti-Israel operations disguised as humanitarian organizations.

If Jews in Israel want a change in the government, then there must be a base of political operations, command structure, financing, unity of purpose. None of this exists, except in the imagination.

Even if such a political organization did exist, there are very few Torah observant Jews who have the skills necessary to manage a business operation larger than a sole-proprietorship, let alone a military/political organization that must supply basic services to its citizens.

Mind you, there are quite a number of well-intentioned and talented people in the religious right and Jewish Nationalist groups. Were there ever to be widespread training in generally accepted accounting practices and business/government operations management, the natural talents and focused habits developed from Torah and Talmud study would guarantee a generation of sharp operators. Political success would be guaranteed, for politics is the expression of the will of the business sector, not the other way around.

But there is no widespread business and government-operations training of religious Jews. Worse yet, well-intentioned religious Jews are inevitably misled and taken advantage of by opportunistic thieves who've managed to put themselves up as leaders of what remains of the old nationalist movements.

While Professor Paul Eidelberg's analysis of the problems here in Israel is right on target ( http://foundation1.org/ ) he is simply being ignored by most Torah observant Jews. Until he embraces the Malchut as the vehicle for implementing his ideas of governance, these good and important ideas will remain out of reach of exactly those Jews who should be working for change in the direction that Professor Eidelberg suggests.

The only viable solution to our dilemma is to follow the example of Rabbi Yosi Dayan and his son Hananel. Our only real solution is to establish the Kingdom, with the Sanhedrin making political decisions. http://malchut-israel.org/

All efforts to reform Israel into a constitutional democracy will fail unless the reform is first directed to establishing the Malchut.