Maps of Historical Israel, Palestine, and the Region

British Mandate for Palestine 1920-1948

Photo © The Pedagogic Center, Jewish Agency

British Mandate for Palestine 1920-1948

Many of the issues concerning Israel and historical Palestine involve geography; nothing helps more than good maps to improve understanding. In this section, we recommend sources of good maps covering the history, current status, and issues still in dispute regarding Israel and the region.

As with any "historical document" maps should be carefully evaluated. For example, the borders of the Palestine region prior to the British Mandate were undefined, particularly in desert regions with no settled population. The British Mandate from the League of Nations left borders subject to interpretation, leading to disputes that took many years to resolve including some not yet resolved. And there is no one map of the "Barak proposals in 2000" -- as various meetings were held, many proposals were made, modified, and revised so maps have to be carefully anchored in time and related to specific meetings and proposals. An earlier or later map may have offered more or fewer concessions from Israel.

This page was prepared in cooperation with Dr Motti Friedman and Gila Ansell Brauner of the The Pedagogic Center, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel.

Israel and Palestine: Before 1948

Israel and Region: 1948 to 1967

Israel and Region: Since 1967

Satellite Images

Invalid Palestinian Arab Maps

Propaganda Map Anti-Israel forces have made an industry out of producing invalid maps that either deny the existence of Israel altogether or distort the history and modern situation. This section presents a few examples.Propaganda Map

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