Why Israel doesn't need US "aid"

Contrary to popular opinion and US propaganda, Israel does not need US "aid".


Tourism income in 2012 was $4.6 billion. US military "aid" to Israel in 2012 amounted to about $2.5 billion.

US "aid" comes with many conditions, the most important being that Israel must spend approximately 75% of the money purchasing from US companies. This means that the "aid" is a subsidy of US businesses, usually of products inferior to what Israeli companies could produce. US "aid" harms Israel's economy.

Additionally, US "aid" serves to strengthen US military presence in Israel by using Israel's sea and aviation ports, housing and training US military personnel, and stockpiling munitions and weapons systems the US might need in other operational theaters. If the US were to pay fair market value for all the services and privileges it receives from Israel, the fee would be much higher.

US "aid" includes loan guarantees - not grants. To date, Israel has never defalted on any loans and has usually paid them ahead of the deadline. As with all loans, interest is paid.

Contrast this "aid" with the direct grants to the Palestinian anti-Israel infrastructure.
The US trains, supplies, and maintains "police" forces that are actually military combat units intended for future use against Israel when the US and NATO enter the final stage of their plan to create a Jew-free Islamic state within Israel's historical and legal borders.


In 2007, the Bush Administration and the Israeli government agreed to a 10-year, $30 billion
military aid package that gradually will raise Israel’s annual Foreign Military Financing grant
from a baseline of nearly $2.55 billion in FY2009 to approximately $3.1 billion for FY2013
through FY2018. For FY2013, the Obama Administration is requesting $3.1 billion in FMF to

Revenue from incoming tourism in 2012 (including the income of the Israeli aviation companies from inbound tourism) totals about NIS 17.8 billion ($4.6 billion). Revenue from domestic tourism in 2012 totals about NIS 10.3 billion (3% more than in 2011). Total revenue from tourism in 2012 is estimated at about NIS 36 billion, 4% more than in 2011.

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